• Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
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  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds

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Group Medical Insurance
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Know more about Group Health Insurance

Health insurance group plans offer coverage to a group of participants, typically made up of workers for a particular firm or members of an organization. Due to the insurer's risk being divided among several policyholders, group health members typically pay less for insurance.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance for Employers
  • Goodwill Generation

    Employers who look out for their workers' needs are highly regarded. When an organization gives a comprehensive health insurance plan to its employees, those workers frequently feel reassured and supported. As a result, the employer's reputation within the sector may improve.

  • Attraction and Retention

    One positive requirement of working for the organization is having access to a comprehensive health insurance plan. A project like this can actively contribute to attracting and keeping talent.

  • • Convenient Claims Management

    The employer should not worry about overseeing insurance-related procedures by working with a tech-savvy insurance provider. Insurance firms nowadays have made it easy and convenient to acquire policies, provide customer care, and pay claims.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance for Employees
  • Basic Insurance Coverage

    Due to their company, employees have access to essential insurance benefits including hospitalization coverage. Typically, the policy's premium is paid by the employer. As a result, the employee can take advantage of the insurance plan's advantages at no cost.

  • Insurance Management

    When you have health insurance coverage via your job and are aware of the plan's inclusions and exclusions, you might choose an individual health insurance plan to get more comprehensive coverage. For instance, since the Group Health Policy will only provide a basic level of insurance coverage, you can buy a Critical Illness Policy for yourself.

  • Cover for Family

    Some group health plans offer coverage for both the employee and their family members. In this manner, additional family members can benefit from the cover's financial protection as well.

Coverage for Group Health Insurance
Pre and post-hospitalization coverage

Health insurance policies with pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization coverage pay for costs incurred before and after the insured patient is admitted to a hospital.

Maternity cover

Maternity insurance provides thorough coverage for medical costs incurred throughout pregnancy, including the price of birth, hospitalization, pre-and postnatal care, diagnostic tests, medications, and newborn baby expenses.

Health checkup

A health insurance plan guarantees that you can receive cashless care at a network hospital, often covering 30 days and 60 days before and following hospitalization, respectively.

Air ambulance coverage

In an emergency, air ambulances are specially outfitted aircraft that fly patients to their destination safely and in time for treatment. These aircraft are well-stocked with medical supplies and professional tools including ventilators and ECG machines. The primary objective of these aircraft is to transport patients from a distant or far-off location to a hospital with specialized healthcare resources.

Day care treatment

Daycare treatments are those medical procedures and treatments that need hospitalisation, but not for longer than 24 hours because of technological and medical improvements, the treatment processes are now much shorter!

Inclusions and exclusions of Group Health Insurance
Inclusions in Group Health Insurance:
  • Pre-existing are covered from day one
  • The child is protected starting on the day of delivery.
  • Some plans also include ambulance fees.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization coverages
  • Room rent and nursing charges
Exclusions in Group Health Insurance:
  • Some policies don't cover the employee's parents.
  • The cost of non-allopathic therapies like homoeopathy and ayurveda is not reimbursed.
  • a condition or side effects brought on by alcohol or drug use or misuse
  • PED waiting period
  • Hospitalization without a doctor's recommendation
Optional coverage extensions

Here are some options for extended coverage that the business might select when buying group health insurance.

  • Expenses incurred at the time of childbirth or a capping might be used to cover maternity leave.
  • You can avoid waiting nine months for maternity leave.
  • The employer has the option to choose coverage.
  • Newborn children are eligible for coverage up to the maternity limit.

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