• Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds

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Car Insurance
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Know More About Car Insurance

Car Insurance is an insurance cover for the car damaged in situations like road accidents, theft, or third party liability. In a Car Insurance Policy, expenses against the damaged car are compensated by the insurer as per the policy’s terms and conditions. Car Insurance is the most prominent way to protect your car and yourself against the damages caused by traffic collision, street mishaps, or a third party incident and saves you from the financial distress arising from the damage.

Policy Ghar offers cover for the expenses incurred by damage or theft of your car. The premium of your insurance entirely depends on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car. Lower IDV will fetch you lower premium amounts. Higher IDV will lead to a higher premium amount. Policy Ghar will be the perfect advisor for you to help to choose your insurance plans wisely.

Types of Car Insurance Policy:
  • Third-Party Liability Coverage
    This type of insurance includes coverage against the legal liabilities that occurred to the third party with you being at fault. This helps you in covering the damage or loss caused by you to the third party. Third-party Coverage is mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicles
    Act. The third-party insurance quote is the sum of the following components:
    • Third-party based premium
    • Premium for Personal accident
    • Goods and Services tax
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Comprehensive coverage policy offers extensive coverage which includes damage and theft of a vehicle, legal liability against a third party, and personal accident cover. The premium of this insurance includes components like Insured Declared Value, engine capacity, and vehicle RTO, where IDV is based on its ex-showroom price and depreciation percentages. Additional coverage like zero- depreciation, accessory cover, engine cover, etc. depends on your vehicle’s requirements, and the premium according to this coverage is variable for every vehicle.
  • Collision Coverage (Own Damage)
    Collision Coverage provides financial cover against damage to your own vehicle. This insurance covers damage due to collision or accident and not due to theft and vandalism of the vehicle. In India, road accidents are increasing every year and Collision Coverage offers ultimate relief in situations of excessive damage.
Additional Coverage to provide extra support:
Zero depreciation Cover
Zero Depreciation or ‘Zero dep’ insurance provides complete protection by leaving out the depreciation factor from the coverage. This means that if the vehicle gets damaged due to the collision, no depreciation will be deducted from the coverage amount wearing out from any body parts excluding tyres and battery. The insurer pays the entire cost of the body parts for replacement. This means it includes coverage for repair and replacement of materials like plastic, rubber, glass, and other materials that are otherwise not covered in the normal policy.

Engine Protection Cover
Engine protection cover provides financial cover for the repair of the engine and/or its parts. In a comprehensive coverage of car insurance, no cover is provided when damage is incurred in an engine or parts like cylinder, gearbox, piston, crankshaft, etc. This also covers damage in the engine due to water ingression, Leakage in the lubricant, hydrostatic lock, etc. This cover provides ultimate help if your vehicle gets stuck during monsoon and water gets logged into the engine. This protection saves you a major chunk of money as the engine is the most expensive part of the vehicle.

Invoice Protection
In extreme situations like theft or complete damage of the vehicle, your insurer doesn’t provide you the full amount of your vehicle. Instead, you are paid the Insured Declare Value (IDV) of the vehicle as mentioned in the policy term. Invoice protection cover helps you get complete reimbursement via an insurance claim. Often referred to as ‘Return to Order’ or ‘Gap Cover,’ this protection bridges the gap between IDV and the depreciation value of the vehicle. This can be illustrated with a simple example: Mr. Sharma bought his dream car costing Rs. 12 lakh and got a comprehensive coverage worth Rs. 10 lakh. In case of theft, he will get the IDV mentioned in the policy which is not the full amount of the car. The invoice protection add-on will fulfill the gap of Rs. 2 lakh by paying this amount in registration charges and road taxes. This add-on coverage varies from insurer to insurer and hence, it is advisable to check the cover provided by the insurer carefully.

Consumables Cover
Consumables in the Car cover materials like nuts, bolts, screws, brake fluids, washers, etc. It offers compensation for the replacement costs of consumables. This helps a lot with high-end luxury cars whose consumable parts are highly expensive. This is usually not covered in general insurance for your car.

NCB Protector
No Claim Bonus (NCB) is the bonus or rebate provided to the policyholder by the insurer for every no-claim or claim free year during the policy term. NCB protector secures your no-claim rewards even if you claim your insurance. This add-on protector provides premium benefits to the policyholder. Covering 5-10% of your base policy values, NCB add-on can be slightly costly but helps you save a decent amount of money on your cumulative premiums. In situations where you want to switch to another insurance provider, you can transfer your accumulated NCB to the new insurance policy. Even if you sell your car, you can keep your NCB till you buy a new car by using the NCB retention clause. In an NCB protection cover, the premium rebate can go up to 50% with every passing year.

Personal Accident Cover
India is experiencing an increased number of road accidents every year. Accidents can hamper your car as well as the driver. With this add-on the cover, you get additional benefits in cases of death and partial or permanent disability. Personal accidents are covered in other insurances but this add-on cover helps especially when you are traveling with an elder or younger ones. If you are a lone traveler, you can opt not to choose this add-on but, if you travel with your family then this cover comes to the rescue of your family’s protection.

Accessories Cover
Accessories add style to your car by enhancing the appeal of your vehicle. Some accessories serve as an additional cover. If you live in a natural disaster-prone area or have higher chances of theft, this add-on cover is extremely helpful. Accessories can be electrical or non-electrical depending on your requirement and this is generally not covered in your comprehensive coverage. In this case, you can opt for the “loss of accessories” cover for your car to save you from the unusual expenditure.
Inclusions in Car Insurance:
  • In case of a personal accident causing death and disability (partial or permanent), the insurer compensates the policyholder.
  • Cover for your car damaged in an accident.
  • Financial cover in situations of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, tsunami, etc.
  • In case of total loss when a car is damaged in an accident or theft, an amount equal to IDV will be paid by the insurer
  • In situations of man-made disasters like riots, terrorism, fire breakouts, strikes, if your car gets damaged, the insurer pays for the financial cover.
Exclusions in Car Insurance:
  • If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and damage your car, no compensation will be paid out to the policyholder.
  • Damages caused to a car when you are carrying out any illegal activities during an accident
  • Car damaged during nuclear attack or war
  • Damaged occurred while driving without a valid driving license.
  • Damaged occurred due to rough and careless driving.
Benefits of having a Car Insurance

Car Insurance offers numerous benefits that protect your car in various situations. Some of the following benefits are as follows:

  • Financial coverage in case of damage or loss to the insured vehicle.
  • Coverage against financial liability towards third party damage
  • Personal accident cover
  • Damage coverage against incidents like terrorism, fire breakout, strike, natural disasters, etc.
Why choose Car Insurance Online?

Moving ahead of the traditional way of choosing car insurance will provide you more clarity and save you from the hassle of going through a string of paperwork. Policy Ghar will offer you the following benefits:

  • Convenient and transparent

    With an online platform like Policy Ghar, you can complete your insurance within few simple steps. Check and compare quotes from different insurance providers which helps you decide the best policy suited for you. Also, the process is completely transparent and can be completed within a few minutes.

  • Customize your insurance accordingly

    Choose your insurance and add-ons according to your requirement. Get real-time quotes from leading insurance companies and get the best-suited plans for your car.

  • Get a rebate on premiums

    Check and compare insurances provided by different insurance companies. Premium rates can differ from insurer to insurer depending on the type of coverage they are offering. At Policy Ghar, you can compare between the different insurers and get premiums at an affordable price.

  • Support at every step

    At Policy Ghar, expert insurance advisors are available to you at every step. You can contact our representatives at any time and get help regarding all your queries and issues.

  • Post-sales support

    At Policy Ghar, you get post-sales assistance from our expert advisors so that you don’t get stuck at any point. From claim settlement to insurance renewal, our team will help you at every step.

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