• Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds

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Know More About Health Insurance
A medical emergency may impose a burden on your pocket with high bills, disturbing your whole financial layout!!

Medical insurance is the contract between the policyholder and the insurance provider where the insurance provider offers complete or partial cover for the medical treatment and expenses incurred during hospitalization and treatment.

With medical insurance, the policyholder can get cashless treatment in the network of hospitals covered by the insurance provider. This helps in surviving the battle of medical treatment more competently. With sky-high hospital and treatment bills, you may suffer financial instability which will hamper all your future plans. In this situation, medical insurance acts as an ultimate survivor, saving you with its cashless payments and reimbursement features.

I don't need any medical insurance. I maintain a healthy lifestyle!
According to IRDAI, 76% of the country's total population is not covered under any medical insurance. Few curiosities which arise among those without Insurance are:
  • I maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Why do I need medical insurance?
  • I don't have any medical history. I will not get any disease.
  • I will not get any major disease or illness apart from fever, cough, and cold. Medical insurance covers major and critical illness. Why should I invest in medical insurance?
  • What if I invest in medical insurance and my diseases and illnesses are not covered in the insurance?
  • These questions may arise, but if we talk about the real scenario, the number of patients on every medical front has been increasing with every passing year. Cancer alone has experienced a drastic increase in recent years.
  • Severe environmental changes have caused a major impact on health leading to various diseases and illnesses. A sedentary lifestyle has also contributed to this increment which can unexpectedly trap any healthy individual.
  • Rising costs of treatment and surgeries hit your financial stature drastically. Many times the roaring bills of hospitalization and treatment become subject to inadequate funds, making a difficult survival situation for the patient. Even if you manage to pay the bills, the aftermath of the treatment continues to disturb your financial structure in the years ahead.
  • In cases where the treatment is preceded by the insurance money, you get a cashless or a reimbursement treatment which lets you get over the medical conditions without affecting you financially.
Key Features of Health Insurance policies in India
  • Cashless
    One of the best features of health insurance is that it offers you a cashless treatment. With the network of hospitals covered by your insurance provider, you can get completely cashless treatment. You just need to provide the details of your policy number and walk freely without paying a single penny for your treatment. This is to provide simple and hassle-free treatment for the patient without adding any financial burden to the patient or their families
  • Pre and post medical
    Medical insurance features both pre and post-hospitalization costs which cover a certain number of specified days, as mentioned in your policy. After the hospitalization period gets over, the individual gets assistance after getting discharged. This may include medicines and other requirements prescribed by the doctor.
  • Transportation Facility and
    free medical check-ups
    During a medical process, various visitations to the doctor are scheduled without consultation charges or visitation fees. Medical Insurance covers this aspect and saves you from these charges. Also, in severe conditions, transportation facilities are also provided by the medical insurer, saving the cost and hassle of transportation.
  • No Claim Bonus
    This reward is given to the policyholder when within a specified policy term year, no claim has been made by him/her. A bonus in NCB is offered in either of the two forms:
    The form offers a discount on premiums to be paid in the next policy term. OR It offers cumulative benefits in the form of a higher sum assured, with the latter being the most common.
  • OPD
    In the case of minor health issues, OPD visitations, and a minimum of 24-hour hospitalization is covered in medical insurance. Expenses of medicines and medical procedures are also covered in the insurance.
  • Tax
    Premiums paid for medical insurance can offer you lucrative deductions in tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
What factors should be counted on while choosing medical insurance?

Keeping into account the immense number of benefits medical insurance provides you, it is extremely important to choose the one that suits you and your family the best. It is advisable to get the best suitable plan based on your medical history and conditions rather than going for generalized ones. Before opting for a medical insurance plan, the following factors should be considered

Policy coverage limit

It is extremely important to choose the plan which ensures coverage for your needs rather than just overburdening you with high premiums. Check the depth of the coverage your medical insurance provides depending on your requirements.

The network of hospitals covered

The number of hospitals covered in the policy offering cashless treatments acts as an ultimate savior in times of emergency. While choosing medical insurance, choose the insurer offering a wider network of cashless hospitalization in hospitals near you.

Sub-limits and exclusions of the policy

We often overlook the limitations in the policy offered during treatment like ambulance charges, room rent limits, consultation charges, etc. Also, it is important to check the exclusions for your disease and treatment to avoid last-minute financial hassles.

Premium amount

Choose the premium amount as per your financial liabilities so that it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Why Buy Medical Insurance online?

Investing in medical insurance can be a hectic process involving lengthy procedures and paperwork. Every step is to be taken under the guidance of policy agents which can be tiresome at times. With Policy Ghar, you get the following benefits if you buy a medical insurance policy online:

Get support from experts whenever you need it.

Enter every detail by yourself with expert advice and guidance at every point. Often, selecting a plan which suits your requirement becomes difficult. In situations like this, our trained insurance advisors and experts will guide you to choose the best-suited plan covering your requirements. The sole command being in your hand, you get all the support in case of any query or issue.

Choose from various providers.

Policy Ghar allows you to choose from a wide range of top insurance providers in the country. You can choose a provider that best suits your needs.

No hidden clause or terms.

With an online policy provider, each and every term and clause is mentioned when you opt for a plan. Therefore no hidden terms and conditions can affect your insurance.

No lengthy paperwork

Save your time by completing your insurance process within few simple steps. Get over the traditional method of lengthy paperwork which has the risk of getting misplaced. In case of online insurance, you get a soft copy of the policy which can be easily stored for future purposes.

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