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Personal Accident Insurance
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Know more about Personal Accident Insurance

The insured members of a personal accident insurance policy are completely financially protected from unforeseen events like accidental death, bodily injuries, partial or total disability, and permanent as well as temporary disabilities brought on by an accident. If the policyholder dies accidentally, the nominee will get a full payout from the insurance company. The loss of eyes, limbs, or speech is only a few examples of the additional compensations that are provided for unintentional impairment.

Personal accident insurance allows you to protect yourself from accidental death and disability. At Policy Ghar, you may choose the greatest plan at a lower cost. Within Policy Ghar:

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Accidental Insurance Coverage
  • Accident death cover

    For family members who are financially and emotionally dependent, an accident can be devastating. The nominee named in the policy document receives the whole sum promised in the event of fatal injuries.

  • Permanent/Total Disability Cover

    A predetermined sum insured amount is paid to the policyholder if an accident causes permanent disability or lifelong total impairment, such as the loss of both limbs.

  • Permanent Partial Disability Cover

    If physical harm results in a permanent partial disability, the insured receives a portion (up to 100%) of the benefit.

  • Temporary total disability

    If the insured suffers from a temporary total disability and becomes bedridden, the insurer will pay a weekly allowance to make up for the income that was lost. If there is a loss of income, the insured may also use this claim amount to pay the EMIs.

Major Inclusions and Exclusions of Personal Accident Insurance Plan
  • Inclusions in Personal Accident Insurance
    • Accidental death
    • Permanent total/ partial disability
    • Accidental dismemberment
    • Medical expenses/ hospitalization charges
    • Accidental dismemberment
    • Daily allowance
  • Exclusions in personal accident insurance
    • Natural death
    • Pre-existing disability or injury
    • Childbirth or pregnancy
    • Childbirth or pregnancy
    • Suicide or self-injuries
Benefits of personal accident insurance policy

Imagine yourself being hit by a car and becoming permanently crippled. There would be no regular monthly or yearly income, only bank EMIs, medical costs, and other expenses. Getting personal accident protection is advised to handle such an event. Here is a brief list of some of the main benefits of purchasing personal accident insurance:

  • Family security
  • No requirement for medical tests and documentation
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Child education benefit
  • Double indemnity for demise/ impairment while traveling on public transport

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