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Guaranteed Returns Plans
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Know More About Guaranteed Returns Plans

Investors wishing to invest for a specific objective or for a defined time frame should pay particular attention to guaranteed return schemes. They can be used to save for immediate needs, such as a trip or a down payment on a car, as well as for long-term objectives like retirement, education, or home ownership.

Benefits Of Guaranteed Returns Plans
  • Maturity Benefits
    The life insurance receives the terminal bonus, if any, and the simple reversionary bonus at maturity. If the payout period is less than 15 years, then the insured receives the regular payment, which is a predetermined percentage of the money promised.
  • Death Benefits
    The nominee of the insurance receives the basic sum assured amount, as well as the reversionary bonuses and terminal bonus, if any, in the tragic event of the insured's death within the premium-paying term. Additionally, the payouts are carried over for the following 15 years or as specified in the policy. If the insured passes away after the premium-paying term or during the payout period, the nominee receives the sum assured amount in addition to the other benefits.
  • Additional Rider
    Some conventional insurance policies provide returns that are entirely guaranteed, whereas other policies only provide partial guarantees.
Inclusions And Exclusions In Guaranteed Returns Plan
  • Inclusion In Guaranteed Return Plan
    • Death benefit
    • Guaranteed Return
    • Policy term option
  •  Exclusions In Guaranteed Returns Plans
    • Suicide
    • Fraud or Misrepresentation
    • Dangerous Activities
    • Pre-existing Conditions

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