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NRI Investment Plans
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Know More About The NRI Investment Plan

The term "NRI" (Non-Resident Indian) investment programs refer to investment opportunities created especially for people of Indian descent who are residing overseas. These investment plans allow NRIs to invest their money in India and profit from the rising economy and wide range of financial products available there.

NRI Investment Plan Coverage
  • Financial Instruments
    A variety of financial products, including bank deposits, mutual funds, equities, bonds, and government securities, are frequently covered by NRI investment plans. NRIs can diversify their investments using these possibilities and possibly generate rewards.
  • Currency Conversion
    According to the type of account selected (NRE, NRO, or FCNR), NRIs may hold money in Indian rupees or foreign currency. It is flexible to manage money and repatriate it when necessary thanks to the possibility to keep investments in several different currencies.
  • Risk Management
    Risk management tools, like portfolio diversification, asset allocation schemes, and investment guidance, are available in some NRI investment plans. These features are designed to assist NRIs in managing risk and maximizing investment returns by their financial objectives and risk tolerance
  • Repatriation
    The repatriation of funds is frequently covered by NRI investment plans, enabling NRIs to send money from investments or assets back to their home nation. Depending on the type of account and the form of investment used, repatriation regulations may change.
Inclusions and exclusions in the NRI investment plan
  • Inclusion In NRI Investment Plan
    • NRI bank accounts
    • Investment options
    • Portfolio Investment Scheme
    • Foreign exchange management
  • Exclusion In NRI Investment Plan
    • Small saving schemes
    • Specific investment limits
    • Government securities
    • Repatriation Restrictions

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