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Family Health Insurance
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Know More About Family Health Insurance

A type of medical insurance called a family health insurance plan provides coverage for every member of your family under a single health insurance policy. With the understanding that not every family member will fall ill at the same time, this plan divides a fixed sum insured among all members. The majority of family health insurance policies provide cashless hospitalization options, maternity benefits, and pre-and post-hospitalization coverage.

Benefits Of Family Health Insurance Plan
  • Stress-Free Hospitalization Expense Cover
    Similar to individual health plans, in the event of hospitalization, an insured family member may get cashless care at one of the insurer's network hospitals. By doing this, you may ensure that everyone in your family who needs medical care can receive it without sacrificing quality of care.
  • Get Health Insurance Cover For Parents In The Same Plan
    For no additional cost, many health insurance providers let consumers add their parents-in-law and their parents to a family health plan. One plan can cover both your parent's health and the parents of your spouse.
  • Affordable Premium
    Family health insurance plans allow you to cover your spouse, child, and parents under one plan at a low cost because you do not have to pay separate rates for each member of your family. However, given their age-related health risks, it is advised that you purchase individual health insurance for your parents.
  • Option To Avail Of Additional Benefits
    Family health plans include a variety of supplemental benefits, such as critical sickness insurance and maternity coverage. When choosing the finest family health insurance plan, keep in mind to thoroughly study the policy conditions to learn about any waiting periods that may be relevant to any add-on coverage.
Inclusions And Exclusions In Family Health Insurance Plan
  • Inclusions In Family Health Insurance Plan
    • In-patient Hospitalization Expense
    • Day Care Procedures
    • Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses 
    • Daily Cash Allowance
    • Maternity Cover
  • Exclusions In Family Health Insurance Plan
    • OPD treatments and regular medical examinations
    • any disease or injury brought on by the circumstances of war
    • Any costs associated with cosmetic procedures or treatments

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