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Senior Citizen Health Insurance
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Know More About Senior Citizen Health Insurance

An insurance plan for seniors who are over 60 years old is known as a senior citizen health insurance policy. In the event of illness and hospitalization, the plan is intended to lessen the financial and physical stress on senior residents. This senior health insurance option, which is available as an individual or family floater, provides financial assistance for elderly people's medical care.

Benefits Of Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Medical Coverage For Retirees At Affordable Premiums
    The cost of health insurance coverage rises along with an individual's age due to an increase in health risks. The elderly can ensure that they are not left unprotected in an unanticipated medical emergency by choosing senior health insurance.
  • Coverage For Pre And Post-Hospitalisation Expenses
    Health insurance policies cover expenses for tests, consultations, and medications that are incurred before and after a hospital stay and are related to the hospital stay.
  • Coverage For Pre-Existing Diseases
    After a 24-month waiting period, the pre-existing conditions listed under this policy are covered. The ideal senior health insurance plan would have a minimal waiting period.
  • Cashless Treatment Facility
    The availability of cashless treatment options at any network hospital across the nation for senior citizens with health insurance plans is dependent upon agreement with the network hospital.
Inclusions And Exclusions In Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan
  • Inclusion In Senior Citizen Health Insurance
    • Hospitalization
    • Day care treatments
    • Donor expenses
    • Ambulance Coverage
  • Exclusions In Senior Citizen Health Insurance
    • Before the waiting period (2 years) expires, pre-existing sickness treatment
    • costs associated with treating self-inflicted wounds
    • treatment for civil war-related injuries

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