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Travel Insurance Plan
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Know More About Travel Insurance Plan

Travel insurance is a special kind of insurance designed for persons who are embarking on both domestic and international travel. It discusses the different hazards that one could experience while traveling, such as hospitalization, medical bills, lost luggage or documents, aircraft cancellations or delays, and other fees.

Travel Insurance Coverage
  • Cover You For All The Medical Emergencies
    Accidents can happen at any time, and the likelihood that they will be health-related is higher. Consider yourself in such a predicament, stranded with your family in a distant country. Make sure you obtain extensive coverage that pays for both your inpatient and outpatient medical costs.
  • Cover Against Loss Of Checked Baggage And Loss Of Passport
    Think about what it would be like to arrive in a foreign country, only to discover that your luggage has been lost, or that you have misplaced your passport while traveling. You most definitely do not want to be in this situation. Make sure to purchase a travel insurance policy that covers these expenses.
  • Cover You Against Personal Accident
    It is crucial to confirm that your travel insurance protects you from physical harm or fatalities brought on by accidents.
  • Protects You From Trip Cancellation And Shortening
    Consider the situation when a relative has an unexpected illness. You can't travel until your trip plans are finalized. Make sure the travel insurance you choose will protect you in case of such last-minute trip interruptions or cancellations.
Inclusions And Exclusions In Travel Insurance Plan
  • Inclusion in travel insurance plan
    • Coverage for trip cancellation and interruption
    • Baggage loss
    • Travel delays
    • Travel assistance service
  • Exclusion in travel insurance plan
    • Pre-existing medical conditions
    • Illegal activities
    • Existing financial conditions

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