• Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds

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Term Insurance
1 Cr Life Cover @ ₹ 13/Day*
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Pay for 5 Years, Get Covered for 85 Years
Know More About Term Insurance
Build your family’s financial future with low premium costs

Term Insurance is the most fundamental form of life insurance which can be defined as an agreement between an insurance provider and the policyholder. In general terms, the “insured” or the policyholder pays a fixed amount as stated in the policy known as “premium” for a certain “tenure” or period of time, and in case of any unfortunate incident, a huge lump sum amount called as “sum assured”, is given to your family or “nominee” to carry out financial responsibilities and expenditures smoothly in your absence. Term Insurance can avail the best possible financial cover for your family in the least expensive way, where your beneficiaries receive a huge amount of money on your untimely death.

Why choosing a Term Insurance is important for you?
Don’t leave your family alone after your death. Give them financial support even when you are not there!!

Nothing can be more valuable for your family than your life and health, but what to do in cases where life becomes uncertain and you have to leave your family where you were the sole bearer of all the financial liabilities? Imagine a scenario where after your sudden, unfortunate demise, your family is facing financial troubles and is forced to live a low lifestyle? Environmental issues, adulterated food & drinks, and a sedentary lifestyle among the people have resulted in an increased number of untimely deaths. Moreover, road accidents in India account for high death tolls leading to one death every 4 minutes. Death is certainly not in your hands but saving your family’s future is. Ensure your families by giving them the protection of Term Insurance where they will receive a large amount of lump sum money which will help them survive without you.

Key Features of Term Insurance

Start whenever you want to- Start your term insurance anytime between 18 years to 65 years where premium rates will vary according to the tenure. The earlier you start, the lesser you pay!

Offers a huge cover amount with affordable plans- Choose your cover plan according to your liabilities and expenses, and make your term insurance more pocket friendly.

Add-ons like Rider Benefits- Add additional features like accidental death rider, a disability rider, critical illness rider, etc. to your term insurance and get your family protected from all the mishaps.

Special benefits to non- smokers and females- Non- smokers and females offered low premium rates.

Term Period of a Policy- Policy terms ranging from 5 years to 99 years (whole life) offer you a wide range of periods to choose for your tenure. However, experts advise planning for a longer period of time to get maximum benefits.

Plan flexibility- Term Insurance offers a flexible plan to choose between a single-life plan and joint life plan where you can choose cover for yourself as well as your partner according to your choice.

Tax Benefits: Term insurance offers a rebate on tax and comes under the tax-free category under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D). Additionally, premiums against critical illness offer deductions under Section 80 D.

Grace Period and Free-Look Period: A free-look period of 15 days is provided with the onset of the policy where the policy can be discarded if the policyholder finds it unsatisfactory.

Choice in Premium Payments- Premiums of term insurance can be paid monthly, half-yearly, or annually as per your choice, where a grace of 15 days is provided in case of monthly premiums, and 30 days in case of half-yearly and annual premiums

What elements should I keep in mind before choosing a term insurance provider?

No insurance provider has the perfect package to choose from. However, the most suitable amalgamation of features can be created according to your need while looking for an insurance provider.

Claim settlement ratio (CSR): One of the prime features to keep in mind while opting for an insurance provider is the ratio of claims settled in the past recent years.

Compare premium rates against the amount covered: The premium of the term insurance is one of the most important aspects. Premium should be affordable against the amount of cover provided.

Additional benefits provided by the insurance company: Riders or additional features like accidental death, disability riders, income benefits, critical illness, etc. are provided along with the term insurance.

Insurance Provider Company’s reliability: The reputation of the insurance provider is a key element to keep in mind while choosing term insurance as a trusted brand name gives you a hassle-free experience.

Why buy Online Term Insurance Policies?
fingertips. You are just one click away from your perfect plan of term insurance. Choose term insurance online from Policy Ghar because:

With the advent of digitalization, anything can be easily accessed from any part of the world. Policy Ghar brings you the best options among different insurance providers at your

Easy on your Pockets: According to experts, buying term insurance online is much easier on pockets than offline insurance. Why? Because you save agent commission costs, paper costs, insurance processing fee, and all the extra charges which can save you approximately 30%- 40% from the offline process.

Back-up for your policy: When you get your policies online, a copy of your term insurance is also mailed to you which can be saved for future reference. The best part of the mail is that it is saved forever in your Inbox. Unlike the possibility of losing the insurance papers, the soft copy of the insurance can never be lost.

A constant reminder for premium payments- With constant reminders for the payments within your due date, you are never going to miss the due date of your premiums. This will save you from late fees which can be charged upon skipping the due date

Simple steps and process: With Policy Ghar, you will not need any guidance while going through the process of insurance. Each step is extremely simple and offers all the information required to provide a hassle-free experience.

Expert help available whenever you need it- With processes and steps so simple and easy, you will not face any difficulty but in case if you get stuck at any point, our experts are available to help you out 24*7

Choose the payment mode as per your convenience: You can choose your mode of payment as per your convenience by paying through debit cards/ credit cards/ net banking and other online payment modes.

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