• Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds
  • Cashless Health Insurance starting @ Rs. 15/day
  • Term Insurance starting @ Rs. 35/day
  • Cashless Car Insurance in 60 seconds

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Travel Insurance
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Wanderlust cravings of the travel buff inside you may take you anywhere around the globe, but travel or a medical emergency may quash your travelogue!!

If you are a globetrotter and love to live like a vagabond or want to enjoy the truce of a peaceful vacation, then don’t let the emergencies spoil the bliss. Travel insurance helps you tackle the travel and medical emergencies while you are traveling. It seems idiotic to get insurance just because you are traveling away for a few days but travel insurance acts as a shield to protect you from all the unfortunate situations of travel. Add travel insurance to your checklist to cherish every moment of your holiday. Be it business or holiday travel, emergencies like loss or misplace of baggage, flight delay or cancellation, loss of passport, or medical emergencies during vacations are covered in travel insurance, saving you from the stress and tension. Essential in its own way, Policy Ghar offers easy and convenient travel insurance from various leading insurance providers.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans

Domestic Travel Insurance Plan: This plan covers your travel within India. This insurance offers coverage against medical emergencies, loss of baggage, missed, canceled or delayed flights, emergency cash transfer, personal accident cover, and unfortunate incidents incurred during adventure activities. This type of insurance offers individual coverage to persons between 18 years to 65 years

International Travel Insurance Plan: This type of insurance provides protection against the contingencies incurred while traveling abroad. This insurance covers crucial elements like loss of passport, loss of baggage, delay of flight, personal accident cover, emergency help in providing cash, cashless hospitalization, and exemptions from medical checkups for people above the age of 80. It can be customized according to your needs and acts as a savior in a foreign land in case of emergencies.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan: This type of insurance offers protection to people aged between 60 years to 85 years. It is a comprehensive plan that offers other benefits apart from the usual cover. Additional benefits include exemption of medical tests up to 85 years, cashless medical benefits across the globe, an extension of the policy plan in case of trip extension, compassionate visit including expenses of traveling and lodging of family members and relatives in case of hospitalization of the insured person are provided to the individual to let you enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Student Travel Insurance Plan: This type of insurance offers extensive coverage for students traveling abroad for studies, providing the much-needed protection to them when their family and near ones are not around in a foreign land. It includes Emergency medical charges, loss and delay of checked-in luggage, protection against study interruption, and sponsor protection (in situations where your sponsor’s death or critical illness is hampering your studies and stay), emergency accommodation, protection against fraud, theft, hijack, etc. At Policy Ghar, we offer quick and convenient travel insurance to students traveling abroad to make sure of a comfortable and safe stay.

Single Trip Insurance Plan: This type of insurance plan offers coverage to one time travelers and offers extensive support for 180 days which can be further extended as per the requirement. Offering to cover all the medical as well as non-medical situations, this type of insurance can be extremely beneficial if you’re planning a long, once in a lifetime trip.

Multi-trip Insurance Plan: If you are a lover who thrives on traveling, taking road trips, and undertaking adventurous trips then this type of insurance is perfect for you. It offers usual travel covers including coverage against adventure activities like paragliding, scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, etc. If your usual duration of travel is between 30- 45 days, then you can opt for this insurance cover. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore your favorite destinations to experience the essence of life

Group Travel Insurance Plan: Nothing sounds more exotic than a happening vacation with a big group of family and friends. But what if the enjoyment gets interrupted due to a misfortunate incident? In this case, a group travel insurance plan acts as a major rescuer by providing assistance in situations like loss of documents, loss of baggage, flight delay or cancellation, medical illness cover, etc.

Corporate Travel Insurance Plan: Often you have to travel to different countries for business tours. In this situation, a corporate travel insurance plan helps in tackling unforeseen situations like baggage loss, flight cancellations or delay, medical emergencies, personal injury cover, etc. The best part of this insurance is that it can be customized as per your requirement.

Asia Travel Insurance Plan: This type of insurance is helpful when you are traveling to an Asian or South-East Asian country. It offers benefits like passport loss, baggage loss, flight cancellation or delay, third party liabilities, medical emergencies, etc. to provide for a hassle-free journey.

Schengen Travel Insurance Plan: This insurance plan offers comprehensive travel insurance when you are traveling to Schengen countries across Europe for 90 days. Schengen countries include 26 European countries like Austria, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, and others. Medical and financial emergencies are covered in this insurance plan when you are traveling to any of these countries.

Salient Features of Travel Insurance Plan
  • Medical Expenses- It covers medical expenses incurred during medical emergencies while traveling
  • Passport Loss- It provides cover against the loss of a passport when traveling to a foreign country.
  • Flight delay or cancellation- It provides compensation in case of losses incurred due to delay or cancellation of a flight.
  • Losses due to terrorism- Losses due to terrorist activities in the country that you are visiting are covered in this insurance type.
  • Liabilities Coverage- It offers coverage for liabilities and expenses in addition to medical and financial protection.
  • Mandatory in many countries- Travel insurance is mandatory in some countries which won’t allow you to travel without it.
Inclusions in Travel Insurance
  • Trip delay or cancellation
  • Missing connecting flights
  • Baggage loss or delay
  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency Cash Flow
  • Loss of passport and documents
  • Personal accident cover
Exclusions in Travel Insurance
  • Trip delay/ cancellation due to war or civil war
  • Pre-existing conditions of severe medical conditions
  • Damage or loss of keys
  • Traveling to high-risk zone countries
Choose your perfect Travel Insurance online with Policy Ghar
  • With Policy Ghar you can choose your travel insurance according to your requirements and get benefits like cashless claims through an easy and convenient process.
  • 24*7 assistance whenever you are traveling away.
  • Get full reimbursement when you make a claim with an easy and convenient process that can be completed within minutes.
  • Safeguard you when you undertake any adventurous activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, flying fox, sky diving, etc.
  • No paperwork. With everything at your fingerprints, you get instant help in an emergency.
  • Guidance at every step with expert insurance advisors
  • Provides support post insurance sales

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